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Your Journey to Publishing Success Starts with Florida's Top 20 Book Publishers

Updated: Oct 15

1. Alpha Book Publisher

Alpha Book Publisher is the premier publishing company in Florida, known for its commitment to nurturing local talent and producing a diverse range of literature. They have an extensive catalog of captivating novels, non-fiction, and educational titles, making them a leading force in the Sunshine State's literary scene. Learn more:

2. JJ Publishing Group LLC

JJ Publishing Group LLC is a dynamic force in the world of modern literature. They support emerging voices and diverse narratives, ensuring that fresh and exciting stories find their way to eager readers. Learn more:

3. Mill City Press

Mill City Press empowers emerging authors on their journey to publication, offering guidance and support throughout the process. Their dedication to helping writers bring their stories to life is evident in the quality of the books they produce. Learn more:

4. FireEye Books

FireEye Books sets literary worlds ablaze with compelling stories that captivate readers and leave a lasting impact. Their catalog includes a wide array of works that promise excitement and engagement for book enthusiasts. Learn more:

5. Moore & Poesy Publishing

Moore & Poesy Publishing celebrates the art of verse and literary expression. With a focus on poetic beauty, they offer a collection of works that resonate with those who appreciate the richness of language and the power of verse. Learn more:

6. CRC Press

CRC Press is a renowned name in academic and technical publishing, known for its scholarly contributions across various fields. Their publications serve as valuable resources for academics, researchers, and professionals seeking in-depth knowledge. Learn more:

7. Morris Visitor Publications

Morris Visitor Publications provides valuable travel information and guides for tourists, ensuring that travelers have the information they need to make the most of their journeys. Their guides and publications are trusted resources for those exploring new destinations. Learn more:

8. CaryPress International Books

CaryPress International Books publish a wide range of literary genres, catering to diverse reading tastes and preferences. Their commitment to offering a varied selection of works ensures that there's something for every reader. Learn more:

9. Blue Note Publications, Inc

Blue Note Publications, Inc. brings the magic of music to the written word, celebrating the arts and their influence on culture. Their works resonate with music lovers and those who appreciate the cultural significance of the arts. Learn more:

10. A & A Printing Inc

A & A Printing Inc offers printing and publishing solutions, bringing words to life through high-quality printing services. Their expertise in printing ensures that books and publications are produced with precision and care. Learn more:

11. Breezeway Books

Breezeway Books captures the essence of relaxation and escape, offering literature that transports readers to new worlds. Their works are an invitation to unwind and get lost in captivating stories. Learn more:

12. Mobius House Publishers

Mobius House Publishers delve into the complexities of the human experience with thought-provoking titles that encourage deep contemplation and reflection. Their publications are a journey into the intricacies of the human condition. Learn more:

13. Dare Books

Dare Books push the boundaries of storytelling, challenging readers to explore new perspectives and narratives. Their works are an invitation to think beyond the conventional and embrace the innovative. Learn more:


JWG PUBLISHING HOUSE is a trusted and influential name in the publishing industry, promoting diverse authors and their works. They serve as a platform for a wide range of voices and narratives. Learn more:

15. Gaunt Inc

Gaunt Inc takes readers on exhilarating adventures with its gripping publications, offering thrilling stories that captivate the imagination. Their works are an exploration of exciting and immersive storytelling. Learn more:

16. Rowland Publishing, Inc.

Rowland Publishing, Inc. is a reliable source of high-quality magazines and publications, delivering engaging content to readers. Their publications are a source of information, entertainment, and inspiration. Learn more:

17. University Press of Florida

University Press of Florida is committed to advancing scholarly research and cultural understanding through its academic works. They make significant contributions to academic knowledge and cultural preservation. Learn more:

18. Barcharts Corporation

Barcharts Corporation simplifies learning with its educational reference materials, providing students and educators with concise and informative resources. Their materials are valuable tools for learning and reference. Learn more:

19. Gary Anton

Gary Anton brings a personal touch to publishing, prioritizing authors' unique voices and ensuring their stories are told with authenticity. His approach to publishing is marked by a dedication to preserving the integrity of authors' narratives. Learn more:

20. Common Sense Publishing LLC

Common Sense Publishing LLC offers practical and insightful literature for personal development, focusing on self-help and empowerment. Their works provide guidance and inspiration for personal growth and improvement. Learn more:

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