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Cool Things To Do In Az

Updated: Mar 28

Embark on thrilling hikes and enjoy breathtaking views at the iconic Grand Canyon, a must-visit destination in Arizona.

1. Sedona Red Rock Exploration

Sedona Red Rock Exploration

Discover the stunning red rock formations of Sedona, offering opportunities for hiking, photography, and spiritual retreats.

2. Antelope Canyon Photography Tours

Canyon Photography Tours

Capture mesmerizing shots of light beams and unique rock formations on guided photography tours of Antelope Canyon.

3. Saguaro National Park Hiking Trails

Experience the beauty of the Sonoran Desert while hiking among majestic saguaro cacti in Saguaro National Park.

Saguaro National Park Hiking Trails

4. Havasu Falls Swimming Excursions

Take a refreshing dip in the turquoise waters of Havasu Falls, hidden within the Grand Canyon's Havasupai Reservation.

Havasu Falls Swimming Excursions

Biosphere 2 Research Facility Tours

5. Biosphere 2 Research Facility Tours

Explore the innovative research facility of Biosphere 2 and learn about Earth's ecosystems and sustainability.

6. Phoenix Botanical Garden Strolls

Phoenix Botanical Garden Strolls

Immerse yourself in the beauty of desert flora at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, featuring a diverse collection of cacti and native plants.

7. Heard Museum Cultural Exhibits

Discover the rich history and culture of Native Americans at the Heard Museum, showcasing traditional art and artifacts.

Heard Museum Cultural Exhibits

Final Thoughts

Arizona offers a variety of exciting activities for visitors of all ages. Explore these cool things to do and make unforgettable memories in the Grand Canyon State.


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