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15 Famous Book Publishers in Ohio

Updated: Feb 25

Alpha Book Publisher is a reputable publishing company known for producing a diverse range of high-quality books across various genres. With a commitment to literary excellence, they have carved a niche in the competitive publishing industry.

Elite Publishing Company has earned a reputation for producing engaging and thought-provoking titles. Their dedication to quality content has made them a preferred choice for both authors and readers.

Barbour Publishing Inc has a long-standing history in Christian publishing. With a vast catalog of inspirational and faith-based titles, they play a significant role in providing literature that resonates with religious communities.

Columbus Publishing Lab is a dynamic publishing house that embraces new technologies and marketing strategies. They are known for their agility in adapting to the evolving landscape of the industry.

McGraw-Hill Education is a global powerhouse in educational publishing. Their commitment to providing innovative and effective learning solutions has established them as a leader in the field.

Coventry House Publishing is recognized for its niche focus on non-fiction works. They excel in bringing well-researched and compelling true stories to readers.

Zip Publishing has a strong presence in regional publishing, particularly in Ohio. They contribute to the cultural tapestry by spotlighting local authors and stories.

Pen Of The Writer is a boutique publisher with a keen focus on personal narratives. They excel in helping authors craft and share their unique stories with the world.

The Ohio State University Press is a prestigious academic publisher. With a commitment to scholarly excellence, they contribute significantly to the dissemination of knowledge across various disciplines.

Blue Manatee Press is dedicated to fostering a love for reading in children. Their vibrant and engaging children's books have made a positive impact on early literacy.

Online Cashback Shopper combines e-commerce with publishing, offering a unique platform for readers to explore books while enjoying cashback benefits.

Cincinnati Book Publishing is a regional publisher contributing to the cultural identity of Cincinnati. They showcase the talent and stories of local authors.

Franciscan Media, previously St. Anthony Messenger Press, has a rich history in Catholic publishing. They continue to be a leading voice in providing spiritual and inspirational content.

Mill Cliff Publishing is recognized for its commitment to environmental sustainability. They prioritize eco-friendly practices in book production and distribution.

Weaver Book Company is a boutique publisher with a focus on thought-provoking fiction and non-fiction titles. They prioritize quality over quantity in their curated catalog.


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